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Today & The Future

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Now that I have had my thyroid ablated and know what was causing some of my misery for years, I can now move forward and do my best to keep my non-functioning thyroid HAPPY!  I know that I will always be on some kind of hormone replacement medication or herbal supplement so that my hormone levels stay normal for the rest of my life and I am fine with that…it’s much better than having broken bones and organ failures that’s for sure!  

As I get older, I believe that maintaining a healthy weight, a positive attitude and making sure I get enough sleep are vital in keeping my heart, mind and body happy.  I certainly have to work on this because I’m definitely not at my ideal weight nor am I a burst of positivity (I blame this on me being a realist).  I love to sleep but sometimes the mind just likes to wander where it likes to wander at 12am on a weeknight when you have to get up at 6am for work!  I almost always fall asleep with the TV on or need some kind of noise in the background to dose off.  Silence is definitely an anxiety trigger for me (things you learn about yourself and pay attention to as you get older). On the flip side, I do not deprive myself of LIVING.  I like to have a few cocktails every once and awhile (Okay, maybe every night) because life is worth living, right!?

Thank you for spending the time to read about a disease that some of the time goes undiagnosed.

My advice for people who may think they have a thyroid disorder/Graves’ Disease or were recently diagnosed:

– Check your neck for bumps.

– Make sure that your doctor tests for more than just your TSH levels. You need a T3, FREE, and T4 for a correct reading.

– Don’t give up, if your doctor keeps telling you that you’re fine and you know you’re not, find another doctor.

– If you are diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, do not depend on your primary doctor to fulfill your needs. Get an endocrinologist.

– Trust your gut.

– Find family/friends who are willing to learn about the disease and a little bit of what you’re going through.

Stay safe.