Crazy to Relaxed to Coma

Crazy to Relaxed to Coma

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My endocrinologist told me that after I had the RAI treatment done that she wanted to see my blood work in 6 months to see how my thyroid was doing and take the appropriate steps to help me get better. 

During these 6 months, I felt like I had gone from a person on overdrive to someone who needed to sleep or rest all the time!  I had gone from someone constantly on the move to someone that didn’t want to do anything.  I felt like I couldn’t get enough sleep. I was so relaxed at times that I felt high.  Every muscle in my body was relaxed, ALL THE TIME! I would lay in bed sometimes from the time I got home from work at 6 o’clock until 6 o’clock the next morning  Most of the time, i wouldn’t go to sleep until 10 o’clock but I would lay there in bed and watch television until I dozed off.  I felt wonderful actually.  It was so nice to finally sleep and relax my brain and body!  I was constantly on the go and to be able to relax without tossing and turning, without my brain thinking weird thoughts, without fatigue was wonderful!

As the months went by, I felt even better!

I didn’t have the shakes anymore, my heart wasn’t racing, I was able to swallow better, my blood pressure had dropped, and I felt renewed.  I would lay in bed and just smile.  I had finally found out what it felt like to just STOP!  When the 5 month mark had come, i noticed that I had gone from relaxed, calm and high to completely comatosed! 

It wasn’t a gradual thing either.  I literally went from relaxed to coma over night.  I was tired all the time. I gained a lot of weight.  My joints hurt. Everything hurt. I was moody all the time. I was depressed. I would fly off the handle for no reason. I was a mess, AGAIN! 

I went to my endocrinologist to get the results of some blood work that I had done and now I was no longer hyperthyroid, I was HYPOthyroid. Talk about see-saw! I had gone from one extreme to the other and they had told me that would happen so I wasn’t surprised but how much more can one body take!

She put me on Synthyroid which is medication that regulates your thyroid to normal levels (well, at least it tries!).  It took about 4-6 weeks to feel the full effects of the medication and that’s when things really started to look up.


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