Hey guys, Stacy here!

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I am a Gen X, 80s hard rock/metal freak but listen to and appreciate all types of music, such as R&B, Classic Rock, New Jack Swing and Freestyle. I’m frugal, a saver, an investor but at the same time, not afraid to drop BIG MONEY on a concert or a meet and greet. I also enjoy going to casinos, traveling and betting on a horse or two (which is ALWAYS in the budget!).
I enjoy watching football (UCF alumni & a NY Giants fan since the womb), hockey (Tampa Bay Lightning), 80s & 90s sitcoms (mostly Friends, Seinfeld and The Golden Girls), soap operas (Bold & the Beautiful) & enjoy comedies, reality shows, documentaries, dramas and mob movies/TV shows. 
MOST OF ALL…I am a Jersey girl who found herself in Florida twice in her life already, but hate the heat! I could eat pizza EVERY DAMN  DAY and not get sick of it. And finally, you will usually find me on my patio listening to music with a beer in hand on most nights.
You can listen to Stacy’s Patio Tunes on Spotify and join me and #stacyspatiodwellers on Twitter every Saturday night at 7pm EST where “We drink, we listen to music, we COME TOGETHER!