Our Georgia Mountain Trip ~ May 2023


How It Started

Back in 2020, when the world was falling apart, we made some significant investments and one of them was 2.22 acres of land in the Georgia mountains. It has always been a goal of mine to be able to own two properties and it feels good to reach that goal and to have it in such a beautiful place is just icing on the cake!

We visited our land a few times after we bought it but haven’t been able to get up there for the last year and a half. Needless to say, we were excited that we were able to make two trips in a month and also bought a shed/cabin named “Drunken Acres”.

Drunken Acres

Drunken Acres will be our place to get away when we want. It will be that security if God forbid a hurricane takes our place out here in Florida. It will be that quietness and closeness to nature that we both enjoy. It is that investment that makes more sense than keeping the money in a savings account making .0000001% a month. It’s a win-win for us and I recommend it for you if you are in a similar situation. Your money is doing nothing in the bank, especially right now.


Better Safe Than Sorry

While we were there, we bought security for the cabin such as the metal shutters that you see above along with double locks on the outside and the inside. Although we are in a secluded area and have neighbors that watch out for our property, we also have bears, coyotes and other wildlife that may try to break the windows so we made sure we did the best we could to seal it up tight.

Breakfast On The Land

Whenever we camp or visit the land, our go to is always coffee (of course) and bacon bagels. We have a Coleman two burner propane stove that we cook our bacon on (we got this one as a gift, but you can get one here) and a percolator for our coffee (no instant coffee for us!)

BBQ Restaurant
Biguns Barbeque

Yummies In The Area

We tried one of the local BBQ places called Bigun’s BBQ and it was delicious and affordable. It will definitely be one of those places that we will frequent when we visit. There is also another restaurant called Fatz Cafe that has a very diverse menu. It was extremely good and the service was wonderful. We visited there back in 2021.

Showers And FUN!

While we were on the land for 3 nights our showers consisted of baby wipes and cold showers with our outdoor shower unit. By the time Wednesday afternoon came we were tired, smelly and ready for some fun! Our place to go for all of that is Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Hotel & Casino in Murphy, NC. We’ve been there a few times and were lucky to snag a comp room for the night. After much needed showers we had some dinner, took a nap then gambled.

They are in the process of renovating the casino and hotel to include 400 more slot machines, 12 table games, a 10 table World Series of Poker room, 296 more hotel rooms, an indoor pool, fitness center, new restaurants and a full service spa and salon. They plan on being finished with the project in 2024.

Some of our favorite games are Cash Machine, Piggy Bankin, Huff & Puff and Pinball. We didn’t do too well that night but when we played a little more the next morning, we won some of our money back so that was a pleasant surprise. It’s all in good fun but make sure you have a budget when you gamble and stick to it. It’s easy to get sucked in.

PSA: Gamble responsibly and don’t bet the rent.

Time To Leave

We drove back to the land for one final night before we had to go home. That consisted of figuring out what we were going to leave in the cabin and what we needed to take home with us. When that was done, we packed the truck up, relaxed, ate some dinner and passed out!

Our next trip back will probably be after the summer sometime. I’ll be sure to update you when that happens!