Being A Girl and Loving Football

As soon as I was born, I had football in my blood. My father is an avid football watcher and I can remember him sitting me in front of the TV every Sunday as a kid and watching football with him. I learned from him. The plays, the penalties, the players and the whole dynamic of being a great football player and what it takes to have a winning team. Still, I was a girl and many girls I knew were not into football or any type of sport at all. They played with makeup, dolls and “girly” things. I knew I was different.

As I got older, I was always that girl that watched the game at a Super Bowl party instead of chit chatting in the kitchen. Not because I didn’t love those women, but, because of my love for the game. I am still that girl.

To this day, I will always choose football over going somewhere with friends or shopping or anything! Or, if I DO go somewhere, there better be a TV on with the game or at a restaurant or bar that has the game on. Those are my prerequisites, PERIOD.

I’ve been to many football games and the energy in the stadium is just as exciting as going to your favorite concert. The only difference is that at the games you sometimes do not see everything or you are not able to hear the penalties. That can be a real bummer and there are many times that I’ve thought, “This would be better watching it on TV at home”. However, the whole experience of going to a live football game is an all day thing and sometimes the most fun is the tailgating and hanging out with fellow fans and friends.

Here are two pictures of my favorite pro football team and college team. If you are a NY Giants fan, please know that I feel your pain but we will always bleed blue, even if it kills us!