A Concert, Camping and Raccoons…Oh My!

Hey peeps!

Just got back from a one night camping/concert trip to Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine, Florida to see Floggy Molly & The Interrupters at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre (aka The AMP). The last time we were at this campsite was October 2019 when we saw ZZ Top & Cheap Trick.

We love camping at this location not only because it is beautiful, clean and within walking/biking distance to the beach, but you can also walk or hop on one of their free shuttles and it will take you to The AMP to see a concert. I HIGHLY recommend doing the camping thing if you are going to see a concert at The AMP. It’s MUCH cheaper than a hotel (approximately $37 a night if you are using a tent), safer than getting into a car and dealing with traffic (plus, if you get pulled over and have been drinking, you’re done!), and finally, it’s way less aggravating than waiting on an Uber when you just want to get home and crash.

As the days got closer and closer we were getting so excited to finally get away for a night and have a good time and then we found out that someone with The Interrupters tour party tested positive for Covid-19 and had to cancel their performance for their last 4 shows (including ours). Ughhh. I mean I know it is what it is but still…ughhh.


We arrived at the campground at around 5:30pm and started setting up. We had our smaller tent with us because we left all of our good stuff in Georgia last time we visited our land up there. So we had our 2 person tent, a blow up mattress that always winds up deflated by morning, a tarp above our tent in case it rained (luckily we only had light showers), food, beer and water. We relaxed for a while then started walking over to the venue.


Floggy Molly was really good! Lots of fun, they had the crowd dancing and entertained through the whole concert and of course played our fave, Drunken Lullabies.

After the concert, we started our trek back to the campsite a little tipsy and laughing our asses off. We hung out a little while longer in our chairs drinking then turned in.

The next morning I went over to the cooler to get some water and I look and there is a half eaten half of a sandwich on the ground so I followed the trail and then found another half of a sandwich that was tore up. I thought to myself how did raccoons get into the cooler when it was locked? Well, from the unlocked hatch on the top, of course!

Our cooler has a hatch that you can open up and get to drinks or food easier than opening the whole cooler, well, the raccoons apparently opened up the easy to open hatch and stole our food! Not only did they take our sandwiches but they also got away with a six pack of bagels and bacon. Yes, our bacon!! I mean in all honesty, how can you blame them? And they were probably thinking “are these people so stupid that they would keep this hatch unlocked knowing that we have hands that can open it?” Nope…just drunk people!

At that point we just looked at each other, laughed and automatically started packing up to go home. I wish I had taken a picture of the carnage so I could tell the raccoon police and share with you guys but we were starving! Thanks raccoons…more reason to hate you guys!

Another raccoon incident while camping in the books.