I’m Stacy and thank you for visiting my site where I share my love for music, concerts, travel, TV, camping, gardening, living minimal but plentiful on a budget and always with a side of humor.

I am a DJ for Stacy’s Patio Tunes with Boom Radio on Live365.com where I play rock, metal, pop and glam on Saturday nights at 7:00pm EST with repeat shows at 2:00, 4:00, 7:00 and 11:00 am AND pm.

I am a Production Assistant for the award winning documentary Let The Music Play and When The Bands Stopped Playing

AND MOST OF ALL…I like to have a good time even if that means hanging on my patio with a drink and listening to my favorite tunes. I don’t take life too seriously these days as I’ve learned over the years that you only hurt yourself when you worry too much. AND FINALLY, I enjoy people with a sense of humor and if you don’t have one, I’m not interested.


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